The Seasons of Change

They say that the only thing that we can be sure of in life is change and that pretty much sums it up for our family right now.
It has been about 6 weeks since I last wrote and we have slept in 6 different places in that time. The last 6 weeks have been so jam packed, we have done so much and seen so many places and people. They have been good, crazy, busy, chaotic, exciting, fun, but also at times, kinda hard and full on.
Ignite Sport project, Lower Hutt
Our first project on the road away from Pirongia was meant to be in Auckland in June, however due to Covid-19 this job was cancelled. Around the time I heard this, I read a newsletter from ‘Ignite Sport’ in Lower Hutt. They have a building project converting a football clubrooms into a purpose built venue for their organisation. “Ignite Sport is a volunteer-based youth development organisation offering a unique delivery style. Using sport and recreation to engage, Ignite Sport encourages young people to consider character, values, balan…

We Made It to the Start Line!

Well we did it, we made it to the start line. Here we are, in Pirongia, officially Full Time Volunteers with MMM NZ. The start of a new season. The beginning of a new marathon to race and it totally feels like we have just stepped into a different world, a new adventure.
We found our new home in Pirongia at the end of the rainbow
As we look back over the last month, it is crazy how long ago lockdown now seems. We are so grateful that we live in a country that has been able to control Covid-19 so far. We have so many freedoms, that so many around the world can only dream of.
When I think back to lockdown, the thing I found hardest was losing my village. The people that I have done life with for the last 5 years, that have helped me through some crazy times and just everyday life. I had to do life without them, and that was hard, did I mention that 4 year old boys are not made for lockdown?!
Trip 1 = All the big stuff fits!
I am so thankful that we were able to leave in level 2 where this vi…

The Rollercoaster of Life

What a weird time we live in right? We are totally living history… even if there is another pandemic in our lifetimes, countries and governments will be way more clued up (well maybe some more that others) and likely respond a lot differently - you’d hope so anyway!
Yet here we find ourselves having just survived 8 weeks and more (the kids had colds before level 4 so weren’t allowed at school) with 3 kids in lockdown - what a surreal experience. 
Throughout this time I know different people have had to deal with a huge range of different thoughts, feelings and situations, whether it be boredom, anxiety, loneliness, financial pressure, work stress, exhaustion, or a desperate need for a rest or some time out. While others, like Josh, have loved every moment to take a break from the busyness of life and enjoy some time out. Some may have felt all of these feelings on different days at different times… either way, everyone was living it out at the same time and now we need to work out how t…

The day the world hit the ‘Pause’ button

Sounds like a fiction book for kids, not a reality. However, here we are in this state of ‘pause’.

I know for a lot of people life has just got a whole lot more complicated, how do families juggle 2 parents working from home, while also having 3 kids to manage? Or for others the struggles are that you no longer have a reliable income for your family and the uncertainty around what exactly that looks like. I have other friends and family right now stuck in isolation alone or single parents alone with their kids or managing co-parenting in an isolated way. I have family and friends in essential services, having to regularly go out into the community and be prepared to make themselves invincible to the virus. I know it is a scary time for those that are immune-compromised or with family who are. Then there are others who are learning to live with family in a closer way than they have ever had to before!

Whatever the situation, we are all in this together… together in our separate little bu…

Broken Bones, Birthday Parties and Diggers.

What a crazy time we seem to be living in?! Nothing is certain anymore and you don’t quite know what the next day will bring! At least we know that we serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! (Hebrews 13:8) But amidst the craziness of life we are still quietly working away at preparing ourselves, our kids and our house for our next phase of leaving Waikanae to work full time with MMM.

This last month started with an unplanned hospital stay and operation for Gabrielle after she missed the 3rd monkey bar when jumping straight for it at school. She had been getting more and more confident on the bars, learning lots of new tricks before saying to an older girl, “look what I can do!” and then proceeding to fall and do a decent job of breaking her elbow. She was very brave, barely making a peep right up until getting the IV line put in her hand for surgery… then she let a whole lot of feelings out and everyone knew about it. Unfortunately she gets to do this part of the exp…

Festival Season

Hi all!

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We have had a busy few weeks, but we are starting to slow down and get our heads around what our future is looking like and what we need to get done to make it all happen.
This week the kids started school and kindy for what will probably be the last time in a while. We are so grateful to have perfectly allocated teachers that both Josh and Gabby love. Caleb also has such an amazing kindy with awesome teachers, so I have my last chance of some alone time to prepare for our next step.
Over Wellington Anniversary weekend we were able to go to the ‘New Wine’ festival, fortunately for us only 20 minutes from home. This festival was attended by 1600 people from 170 different churches around New Zealand, but for our church (St Lukes, Waikanae) it's like our annual family camp. It was a great to live in community and have real conversations with so many that we don’t get to do thi…

An exciting week…

It is not every day you get a phone call from someone to say they entered your family in a competition without letting you know and that you have won it. But that is what happened to us last week!
A lady from our church nominated us for a competition with ‘The AM Show’ and ‘Air NZ’ to win flights for 4 to Fiji… and we were one of the winners! After emailing the lady at Air NZ, she said since we have 5 in our family, we could have the 5th ticket too!

This is pretty amazing as we had been really keen to do a trip to Fiji next year, to check out where we will be living and think through what we need to take when we go there for a longer stint. Although as we are preparing to leave Waikanae and go into full time ministry it is hard to justify spending the extra money on flights to Fiji.

But it is exciting to see God prepare the way for us yet again, he knows our needs and we are reminded that he is paving the way forward.
This week we have also had our official MMM brochure printed, which is…