Life in Fiji

It is crazy how quickly time ticks by and that we have already been in Fiji for five months. We have officially missed winter in New Zealand which we are quite ok with. We have made heaps of connections, worked with some awesome ministries and been to some pretty amazing places as we continue to find our place and life here in Fiji.  A scenic stop on the way from Suva Our New Prado After a three month search and investigating every seven seater 4WD this side of Fiji, we finally found the perfect vehicle in Suva! It was a bit of a fiasco, as with many things in Fiji, involving extra paperwork and waiting times at the last minute and several bus trips to Suva for Roy. However we are very grateful to have a reliable eight seater Prado in incredible condition and relatively low mileage for Fiji, and it has already been a huge blessing when we have had a team and family visiting. We saw God’s hand on the buying of this vehicle in many ways including the timing, price, an ethical seller and

Ni sa Bula Vinaka!

Ni sa Bula Vinaka, E marautaki dina sara ni keitou sa yaco mai oqo e Viti. E taura e dua na gauna ni sasaga enai lakolako oqo. Vinaka sara vakalevu na loloma, veitokoni kei na masu, me keitou yacova mai na gauna oqo. E ka levu na vakavinavinaka vei kemuni kece sara na veitokoni tiko mai. Sa tekivu tiko na vuli vosa vakaviti, ka nuitaki me keitou vosa taka talega. Vinaka Sara Vakalevu We are so happy to finally be in Fiji after quite a journey to get here. Thank you all for your love, support and prayers to get us this far. We really appreciate you all. We are slowly working on our Fijian language in the hope we can improve. Thank you so much We have arrived in Fiji! After a long period of self isolation in New Zealand due to Rachael’s recent surgery and our desire to get our flight without COVID messing it up, it was such a relief to finally get to Fiji on May 16th and start our new adventure. We were straight into no masks, no social distancing and lots of hand shaking… needless to sa

The Waiting Room

Is it too cliché to say, “Now that was another term that didn’t quite turn out like we planned!”? February was a great month of catching up with family and friends in the Waikato and enjoying being back in our own space and place after a long time away. It was nice to have our own beds and possessions again, the kids particularly enjoyed having their lego and duplo.  We celebrated Caleb turning six with good friends back at Lake Arapuni. He is now officially a homeschooler, as you don’t legally need to be at school until six years old. This kid is fun, confident, crazy, smart, determined, extroverted and pretty much talks all day long.  The smile of satisfaction from rainbow jelly on your 6th birthday We shared in our last blog that we had flights booked for March 30 to Fiji but that all changed pretty quickly. First Air NZ had a change in flight times, so they shifted our flight until April 2 and then we had a new hurdle to jump.  If you have been reading our blog a while you may reme