A Busy Season

As the dry season draws near to an end our lives are slowly starting to have some space in them again. We have had a super busy season, achieving heaps, hosting many teams and seeing many projects completed, with both ministries and people having their buildings improved.  Plantation Island Resort In July we were lucky enough to have a week's holiday at Plantation Island. It was so nice to be able to take a break away from our normal lives here and have lots of familiar food from home. The sleep-ins, water park, stand up paddle boards and bikes were all highlights. Gabby did ask if we can go back in summer as it was too cold at the time 😆. The days of the everyone posing nicely for the camera at the same time are gone. Seehusen In August we had a great team come together from Matamata and Christchurch. This team included two people who had already volunteered in Fiji in the previous year. It’s exciting to have repeat volunteers and we are grateful for the many people that are pass

Crazy Day, Crazy Week, Crazy Life

At times it feels pretty relentless. I often hear myself saying, “Crazy day, crazy week, crazy life.” Every day is an adventure, every day unexpected things happen, life barely goes to plan… you just need to take a breath, throw all expectations out the window and just do what you can on the day! We are now right in the middle of our first full dry season in Fiji. That means, it is the best time for building projects and teams from New Zealand are super keen to escape the cold and warm up in Fiji and so we are keeping super busy! Mothers Day at Living Way Church One year in Fiji, three years with MMM We have now completed a year in Fiji making it three years in total working for MMM. We feel like, in the last year particularly, life has been a constant learning curve of so many different people, places, culture, language and way of doing things. We seem to have specialised in transition, change and new beginnings in the last three years, but our hope is that we are able to settle into